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"The hottest new guitarist in blues music" - Good Times Magazine

“Puppet Show illustrates Venable’s remarkable writing skills. This is a strong and vibrant album and highly recommended” 
-Making A Scene

 "The level of feeling that a seventeen year old artist can bring to the stage can be simply amazing. As their performance begins your mind isn't fully grasping what you are seeing and  hearing on stage. You notice a level of established comfort that radiates from the young performer."- ​New York, NY (Top40 Charts)

"Venable is the new face and sound (and fury) of time's up girl power." -Midwest Record Entertainment

​"I've seen over 50 shows this year and this was the best! "-Rockin' Blues  Crew Houston

"Ally Venable is one of those rare talents that have found their love for the blues so young, and you just know she’s going to be a household name someday." – Laura Sedor Emore  Magazine

"Best New Artist: The Ally Venable Band (She may be working in a traditional genre — the blues — but Ally Venable does what she does well. And she’s still only in her teens!) BLURT!" – BEST OF 2016 DAVE  STEINFELD / New York, NY


"One of their brighter lights (and believe me, considering the company she keeps, that’s saying something) is the talented All Venable. She sings like an angel, plays guitar like a demon, and write songs that show a  old soul in a very young body. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan." -Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint


"Venable sings and plays with a confidence and swagger that belies her youth.  In addtion, she has excellent support from her bandmates.  This is a fine debut release and bodes well for this young  lady’s future in the blues." – Graham Clarke PHOENIX BLUES SOCIETY 

"It has been many years since I have heard a SEVENTEEN year old play guitar like this young lady based in Houston, Texas. She also has a good voice and obvious song writing talent. "

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